OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)

OGYoutube Apk 2018 is a great Youtube Downloader which you can try today. OGYoutube Downloader APK allows you to download Youtube videos in 4k, HD and in lower resolutions as well. You can download your favorite videos as per your requirements. If you’re not fond of video downloading but need to download MP3 songs, Then OGYouTube APK can do that for you too. You can download Songs as well as entire audio/video playlist from YouTube. Let’s talk about this awesome app in detail.

OGYouTube Latest APK 4.2 Version Free Download 2018

Our digital world is touching new heights every second, and we can not deny that in any way possible. A few decades back we only had feature phones capable of performing basic tasks such as receiving a call or to send a text message to the other significant one. But the times have changed now. Everyone in this new silicon era has access to smart devices including Smart Tv Smart Watches and the most popular one: Smartphones. With these Smartphones, we spend countless hours on various apps and social media sites to pass out the time or to learn new things.

OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)

OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)

Many people watch Videos and read news on their smartphones only. A wide majority of people like to watch videos rather than reading any kind of textual content on the internet. However, not everyone is online every time. There are times when you want to see something on Youtube, but you cant access it because you don’t have an active internet connection. What if you could download Youtube videos so that you can watch them later? Well, thats true now my friends, you can download youtube videos with an android app.

You cant deny the fact that downloading nay online content such as a movie or any online videos so that you can watch it later is one of the most satisfying thing ever. Boredom always comes uninvited. It can kick in anytime and anywhere. It would be cherry on top if you had some videos downloaded from Youtube than suddenly boredom fades away. There are millions of videos lying around, and you can download them with a single click by using OGYoutube Video Downloader Latest APK version.

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Why is there any need of OGYoutbe downloader you may ask? Well, the tradition Youtube platform does not provide any direct measure or straightforward method to download a video. So instead, we rely on OGYoutube Video Downloader to download Video from Youtube. The worst thing about Youtube is that it stops working in case of a slow or a flickering internet connection. However thats not the case with OGYoutube Apk 4.2 latest version. You can easily download videos from Youtube using OGYoutube video downloader even if you have a slow and unsteady internet connection. So if you wish to download videos then download them vis OGYoutube video downloader.

What Is OGYouTube v4.2 latest Apk?

OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)

OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)

OGYoutube is one of the best Youtube downloaders you will ever come across. You can easily download up your favorite videos, playlist, songs, etc. with OGYoutube latest apk or If you love to watch TV Series and Show you can check out Showbox Apk Download. And the best part is that you can do all this right in your android smartphone! Furthermore, there are no limitations on how many videos you download. Theoretically, you can download as much as videos as you want to. Also, OGYoutube app works well in the background too. All you need to do is set up a video download and forget about it. OGYoutube will take care of the rest for you. You can either use your mobile data or a WiFi access points to download as much as videos you want.

Features Of OGYouTube Latest APk 2018:

OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)

OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)

As we have mentioned earlier that OGYoutube Apk is the best app to download videos from YouTube, its time to talk about features of OGYoutube app. Besides the standard download videos from Youtube using OGYoutube, there are many other features attached to it. By using OGYoutube for android, you can enjoy a variety of premium features for free. These features are exclusively premium, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for them! Isn’t that great fellas? Without any further wait, let us have a look at some of these features of OGYoutube which might blow your mind.

  • First of all, it includes the basic feature of downloading videos from Youtube. You can download videos and save them for later consumption purpose in different resolutions including 4k, Super HD which lowers down to 144p if necessary.
  • Also if you are a music lover, then you can also play your favorite tracks and music playlist directly in the background. ust like any other music player app. This is a great feature which OGYoutube Apk Download offers for free to its users. By using this feature, you can enjoy unlimited music without downloading them.
  • OGYoutube App is not like other Youtube video downloader apps. Those apps are filled with malware and lot of popping advertisements. But be assured as OGYoutube gives a complete ad-free user experience to its users. Furthermore, it has a unique and easy to use user friendly design. And you will be happy to know that it doesn’t eat up much space, ram and CPU resources on your android smartphone. So ultimately, 0GYutube is one of the best Youtube video downloading apps available in the market.

Download OGYouTube Latest APK Free Download 2018 For Android:

You are currently in the download section of OG Youtube Apk 2018 for android page. Here you will find download links for OGYoutube latest APK free download. You can easily download the app and install it on your respective Android smartphone. Please make sure that you download the APK from here as many people are trying to upload faulty OGYoutube apps on their custom servers. These downloads are checked by several antivirus scans. We assure you that these files are completely safe to download. You have to download the app itself from here and install it manually as OG Youtube Downloader Apk is not available on Google Play Store yet.

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OGYouTube Mod Apk File Information

Before proceeding to the download page, please confirm the version number and other APK details from this table below.

App Size42MB
Total Downloads500,000+
Android VersionAndroid 4.1+
Required RootNo
Last Updated11th January, 2018

Download OG YouTube APK

Downloading the OGYoutube APK is not enough. You also need to download MicroG app. MicroG app is an additional apk attachment which acts as an extension to the original OGYoutube app. MicroG apps allow OGYoutube to connect to Youtube servers and fetch downloading details. It also helps with the sign in process with your google account. So if you don’t download and install this app along with OGYoutube for Android APK, then the app might not function properly. You can download the MicroG app from the download links below.

Download MicroG App for OG Youtube Apk

Download MicroG APK

How To Download And Install OGYouTube Latest APK On Android:

Now you have downloaded the OGYoutube APK file and MicroG APK file from the links which we gave above. We are going to give some simple instructions in order to help you to install the app correctly. If you know how to install an APK file on an Android smartphone then you can skip this paragraph and land on the next one. But for those who don’t know about installing an APK file on your smartphone, we are giving some simple steps below. Just follow these steps carefully.

Step 1 Download OGYoutube APK file from the links above. If you still haven’t downloaded the APK file yet, then you can download it again from the link given below.

Download Here !

Step 2 After successfully downloading the file, you need to enable up Unknown Source setting on your android smartphone. Now, this process is very easy. Just go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable Unknown sources.

Step 3 Now go to the downloads folder in your file manager app and located the OGYoutube apk file and click on it. The installation process will start once you hit the install button.

Step 4 After the installation process finishes, you will get a notification that the app is installed successfully on your system. The app will now appear in your app drawer as well.

Step 5 Now you need to repeat these steps with MicroG apk as well. Just install MicroG app on your smartphone as well.

How To Download Videos From OGYouTube

We hope that you have successfully downloaded and installed the OGYoutube apk file on your android device. Now its time to use in to download videos from Youtube. If you’re using OGYoutube APK for the first time, then simply follow these steps in order to download Youtube videos using OGYoutube.

Step 1 First, launch OGYoutube app from app drawer.

Step 2 OGYoutube app dashboard will open. Just log in with your Google account from the sign in button.

Step 3 Search for the video which you want to see or download.

Step 4 Once a video is loaded, you will be able to see few downloading options along with their download size. Choose one of them to download the video from Youtube.

That’s it folks! Aint this easy? This is how OGYoutube makes the process of downloading Youtube videos easy and snappy.


We hope that now you are fully aware of OGYoutube and its capabilities and features. You will agree with us that OGYoutube has the potential to be the best Youtube downloader app in the world. There are several other apps in the Playstore as well which works just like OGYoutube, but they don’t offer as much as OGYoutube does.

OGYoutube is not limited to downloading Youtube videos only. It has a dedicated trending videos sections. This trending video section comprises of best videos from all around the world. So overall, OGYoutube is a great app to download videos from Youtube.

OG YouTube Apk v4.2 Latest Version Free Download (2018)
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