How To Become a Professional YouTuber ? 2018

How To Become a Professional YouTuber 2018 – You spent a tremendous amount of handwork into your videos, now you’re waiting for your videos to hit the top chart in YouTube and you want to hit the road to become one of the professional YouTuber. We all have been there, haven’t we? If you’re stuck on what to do to make your videos score higher in the YouTube game, Don’t worry we will guide you so you can follow your passion and be famous. how to become a youtuber star

Most YouTubers are facing problems reaching top charts of YouTube because of increasing competition around the world of professional YouTube videos.

Youtube is a game, play it fair, and you will score for sure!

This is the first checkpoint where most young YouTubers fails and drops out instantly, they get multiple channel strikes and eventually get tossed out of the game! Keep your videos according to the guidelines of youtube policy and stay away from false click-baiting, youtube hates that.

Introduction to professional YouTubing

If you’re thinking to become a YouTuber because you heard about famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie earning quick bucks making videos, then you need to rethink your choice. Youtube is a platform to share your emotion through videos, if you’re there just for the sole purpose of making a profit, the chances of surviving are not high my friend.  Just follow your passion and money will follow you for sure!

So first, You need to figure out on what kind of videos you can make. It can be reaction videos, prank videos, tech-related videos, informative videos or you can find a new genre to work on, be creative! You need to decide what kind of videos you want to make because this will affect your entire channel. If you know your talent and targeted audience. You’re ready to go But don’t forget to read some important tools for youtube success at the end of this article.

Things to keep in mind for becoming a professional YouTuber

There are various key factors which come into picture when calculating the total worth of channel, according to Youtube of course. Below are some basic factors which you need to keep in mind if you wish to touch success on Youtube platform.

1. Persistence is the key to success in youtube industry

Nobody becomes MKBHD or Pewdiepie overnight! It takes handwork, passion, persistence and a lot of persistence. Just believe in yourself, and you will taste success for sure.

2. Engage with your audience

Your subscribers and your viewers are your friends. They are the one who will spread your youtube presence to the world! Listen to them and share your opinion or views and keep creating content which your audience is hungry for.

3. And the most important: Never Give Up!

A lot of YouTubers work for a while and leave the platform just because they don’t get the result they wanted. Don’t be like them! Just focus on your content, go with your flow, and you will be on top charts one day. Just don’t give up.

Become a Pro YouTuber – Your Questions Answered – Q&A

Types of equipment you need to make professional youtube videos

You need a certain set of instruments as known as gadgets or Youtube Kit to start your professional YouTubing Trip.

1. A good camera gear is the heartbeat of a professional video

A good camera will bring your videos to life! The times of shooting videos in the corner of your room with your iPhone are over now. You need a good camera gear to make a professional youtube video. Think of your camera as your shoes, you can still walk without shoes, but with shoes, you can do much much better! The same goes for youtube videos.

2. Microphone to record your awesome voice

You need to get a good quality noise canceling microphone unless you want to make Charlie champion look alike videos. Trust me on this, your subscribers and fans won’t like if your videos have grainy background noises in your videos. So don’t be that guy who records voice with his EarPods and embeds it on videos! Get a good microphone, be professional!

3. Tripod/camera stand, because the camera doesn’t fly!

Our cameras aren’t that advanced so they can fly. Now your option is either to wait for a flying camera invention or get a camera tripod. A camera tripod is a three legged equipment where your camera will sit and record videos. A tripod will help you make clean, non-shaky videos. It will also help you take the clear round and sliding shots.

4. Camera stabilizers, because your hands are shaky and palms are sweaty

If your videos engage you to be athletic, energetic or make you shoot when your moving, for e.g.. Daily blogs, Then you need to buy a camera stabilizer. A camera stabilizer will help you to take non-shaky professional videos even if you’re running with your camera while shooting!

Few more words of wisdom

Youtube can be a hard journey for starters, but if you enjoy creating and sharing video content, then its the best platform to express yourself. So, by all means, go for it and explore yourself. Always believe in yourself and don’t try to copy other creators, go with your style or create one. People will start appreciating you one day or another, but you gotta appreciate yourself first.

How To Become a Professional YouTuber ? 2018
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