10 Best Youtube Like Alternatives To OG Youtube Android App [2018]

Best Youtube Like Alternatives: There are many Youtube alternatives available. The most famous among them is OGYoutube apk. However today in this very particular article we will talk about other OGYoutube alternatives as well. You can try these OGYoutube alternatives and switch if you feel the need to do so. So without any further delay, let’s start.

You might know this by far that it is one of the most popular video streaming site with millions of daily views and uploads. When it comes to the official Youtube App, its functionality is very limited. However today we will list out some of the best Youtube alternatives to OGYoutube. Before starting with the article, we must tell you that OGYoutube is itself one of the best alternatives to the original Youtube app.

List of 10 Best Youtube Like Alternatives To OG Youtube Android App 2018

Best Youtube Like Alternatives To OG Youtube

Best Youtube Like Alternatives To OG Youtube

Most of the apps are similar in terms of features to that of OGYoutube. Some of them might have some extra features as well. We are including all the apps with similar features to that of OGYoutube. So below are the TOP 10 best OGYoutube like android apps.

1. NewPipe:

NewPipe is one of the best alternatives to OGYoutube available at the moment. Talking about its features, it has a built-in Youtube music option. This option is a part of original Youtube red. So it allows you to play the audio and video in the background using with its popup video mode. It gives you the option to choose between different video and audio quality before starting the download.

2. iTube:

iTube is another good alternative to OGYoutube, but this app is not available in the play store. You have to manually download it from their official website and install it manually. With iTube, you can download youtube videos, listen to music and much more. Another great feature about this app is the option to skip ads before youtube videos. It also has a dedicated background video player. Combining all these features, it is proving itself as the best alternative to OGYoutube.

3. Videoder:

Videoder is a great app to download video from youtube. Not only that, it can also download videos from other 50+ sites as well. Some of these sites include popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, Hotstar, VK, Voot etc. So no matter what is the source, you can always download the videos seamlessly easily. There are also some additional features like Video to MPS files, 4K downloading support, Multi batch downloading etc.

4. Floating Tube:

You might have just guessed it right? It is a simple floating Youtube video player which can help you to watch youtube videos while doing other works. It is very similar to picture to Picture mode from Android Oreo update. You can play videos in the background as well and continue your work on other hands. So it is a really helpful app for multitasking purposes.

5. Shuffly:

It is a really good alternative to OGYoutube app. Along with all the basic features from OGYutube, there are also other features like popup video playing. It can also stream different videos from your interest. It can also shuffle play your favorite videos as well.

6. Play Tube / Flytube:

It is a must try OGYoutube alternative. It can download and stream videos and audios. You can also create your own playlists to play on the app itself. It also supports Youtube music for your added benefits and functionality.

7. Vidmate:

Vidmate is a very popular alternative to Youtube. You can play videos, create playlists and listen to your favorite songs as well. The interface of this app is also very good looking. It is very similar to OGYoutube when it comes to its features. You can easily use this app to download youtube videos.

8. TubeMate:

Tubemate app is a very popular youtube downloader among people. It supports various video streaming platforms as well. There is also an option to download mp3 files as well. However, this app is not available in the play store so you have to download it manually from their official site.

10 Best Youtube Like Alternatives To OG Youtube Android App [2018]
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