How to FIX / Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error ?

How to FIX / Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error ? – OGYoutube is a very good third party application if you wish to download any video or song from Youtube. It works phenomenally and operating the app is very easy as well. However, some users might find errors while installing the OGYoutube app on their Android smartphones. So for some reason, OGYoutube apk does not get installed on their system. If you are facing such problem then don’t fear my friend as we are here to help you up. How To Fix OG Youtube App Not Installing Error

Android is a great user interface which allows users to enjoy the user interface, customize it and install an unlimited number of official as well as a third-party app. Now sometimes users face problems while installing third-party applications on their phones. So if you’re one of those users who wish to install OGYoutube apk but constantly getting error messages. Then keep reading this post as we are going to discuss about the possible solutions of each error. og youtube invalid parameters error 2018

How to Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error

How to FIX / Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error ?

How to FIX / Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error ?

There are numerous errors which can arise while you are installing the OGYoutube app. This could be parsing package error, the app not installed error or app crashed while opening error. Now all these errors can be fixed upto some extent. So down below we are giving solutions for each of these errors. so without any further wait, let’s get started. og youtube invalid parameters

1. Can not install the package

“Android App not installed” is a common error we find whenever we are installing a third party application on any Android smartphone. Many people have experienced it including me on a daily basis. now this error gets very confusing as there is no error code involved so you don’t even know what the problem causing it. However, there are few reasons why this might be happening which we are going to discuss below. However, it is not a hardware or software issue. So you don’t need to get panic. Just relax and read.

Insufficient storage

Storage is a very important component of our Android devices. You cant store anything until and unless you have got the storage space for it. So clearing some storage, some unused images, some trash videos. And the app might install successfully this time!

Corrupted/Contaminated App file

Downloading a file is a pretty complex procedure. So there are chances that the apk file you downloaded is actually corrupt. In this case, the solution will be to download the file again and try reinstalling it. og youtube invalid parameters error

SD Card not mounted in the device

If your smartphone might be connected tot he PC while you’re trying to install OGYoutube apk. Then the chances of getting installation error messages are quite high. You see when your device is connected to an external source, it is hard to write data inside it. As the external source is already using the data source. So unplug your device from your PC and then try re-installing the OGYoutube apk again.

Storage location

You know certain apps only work if they are installed in the device memory itself? If you didn’t know this then try to change the default installation directory to system memory and boom, the app will install.

Restart your device

Now, this might sound very stupid to you but a device reboot may clear the ram clutter inside your device which might be interfering with the installation process. So hit the reboot button, get some coffee and bo0!! Install the app again.

Incorrect file

If you already have OGYoutube installed before then there are chances that you will get an error message. this is because all OGYoutube apk are signed with different digital signatures. So if you try to install an update, it will probably like to return an error message. So, delete or uninstall the previously installed OGYoutube apk and install the update separately.

How to Do OGYoutube sign in fix?

How to FIX / Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error ?

How to FIX / Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error ?

So you have successfully installed OGYoutube app. However, you’re not able to sign in to your account. If your not able to sign in to your Youtube account then how you will be able to import your playlist and favorite videos? But done panic, as this is a simple error and can be fixed right away. To fix the sign in error in OGYoutube apk, you have to install three different apps by Google. These apps were created by Google to facilitate cross devices one-click sign in.  You can download these apps from the link below.

GoogleServicesFramework (GSF)

GoogleAccountManager (GAM)

GooglePlayServices (GMS)

After installing these apps, simply give your device a reboot. After the reboot is complete, launch OGYoutube apk and sign in with your Google account. Thats all!

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How to FIX / Solve OG YouTube not Installing Error ?
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