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Grammarly Premium account free 2018: Hello readers, today we are going to discuss about Grammarly premium for free. Grammarly is an awesome tool for people who make silly grammar mistaker. And to be honest, almost everybody makes silly grammar mistakes. And this is where Grammarly premium for free comes in action.

Grammarly is a life saver tool. It is available in both software and as a browser extension. It helps students and professionals to write quality content without any grammatical errors. Even I am using grammarly to fix all my grammar mistakes.

Grammarly Premium for free

Grammarly Premium Account Free

Grammarly Premium Account Free

English is our international language, so it is important for us to write emails portfolios and everyday text without errors. Grammarly is the best way to do that. It will check your whole text for any language mistakes. Grammarly premium for free will also help you to fix advance issues.

Official grammarly plugin is divided into two parts. One is the basic free version, it works great but there are still a lot of errors left. In grammarly premium, you can easily fix those errors and make your content, truly error-free. The premium plugin also supports plagiarism checking, so you can also check what data is copied.

Grammarly Premium Features

Grammarly premium is just like your personal English teacher. It teaches you and corrects your mistakes. Grammarly detects spelling and other grammatical mistakes in real time. It helps you to produce grammatical error free content on daily basis. All these tools and features are available in Grammarly premium for free.

Correction The Grammar

In the free version of Grammarly, you can only correct 150 mistakes in one go. However, in Grammarly premium, you can fix upto 250 mistakes along with advanced grammar mistakes as well.

Show of Alternative word

It shows all the alternative words available to use. This will enhance your vocabulary and will help you to write better. Using alternative words, you can increase the readability score of your articles.

Plagiarism Checker

In grammarly premium, you can also check for the copied content. It will show you how many words are a copy and from which source. This is very helpful in generating unique content.

Show example for easy understand

Grammarly is very easy to use, that why a lot of people use it. In case you’re not able to understand your error, then Grammarly will explain it with help of simple examples. So in the end, you will be able to write much better content with Grammarly premium.

How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free ?

Now I think you are very interested in getting Grammarly premium for free. The good news is that yes indeed you can use Grammarly premium for free. All you have to do is follow these simple methods which we are giving below. All these methods are personally tested by me, so these works like a charm! the thing is that Grammarly premium is very costly and most of the users can’t afford it. So we are going to use several methods by which you can use Grammarly premium for free.

METHOD #1 Get Grammarly Premium Account Via Using Flikover

Grammarly Premium Account Free

Grammarly Premium Account Free

Flikover is a great site which provides premium SEO tools for free. Grammarly is one such premium feature of flikover. By using Flikover services, you can easily get Grammarly premium subscription for free. There are also other premium tools as well, like Aherf, Semrush, Word Ai, etc. Most of the tools are really expensive, but it is very cheap for grammarly premium. For rs 200, you can get access to grammarly premium using Flikover.

1. Open Flikover website and sign up for a new account.

2. After your sign up process is complete, you can log in to your account.

3. After logging in, you will see many premium tools in your dashboard.

4. Scroll down to the last and choose Grammarly premium.

5. It will redirect you to the other window. Now click on the buy/pay button and pay the subscription fee.

6. Now, install these Two browser extensions with name Flikover 1 and Flikover 2 one your Chrome Browser.

7. Now you can use Grammarly premium via Flikover trick.

METHOD #2 Grammarly Premium account ID and password

Grammarly Premium Account Free

Grammarly Premium Account Free

Above is the grammarly premium account method using Flikover. However, there are people who do now want to spend subscription money on this tools. So good news for these people, as we have another method by which you can enjoy grammarly premium for completely free!

1. Open the official website of Flikover. Please make sure to clear cache and cookies before doing so.

2. Copy the login credentials from below, and try them one by one until one of them works.


3. Please do not change the password once you get access to the premium account. This is because other people are using it too!

So, guys, this is how you can get Grammarly premium for free. I hope you liked the article. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day ahead.

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Get Grammarly Premium Account Free 2018 ✅ (Best Ways) – 100% Working
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