OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App ✅✅

OGYoutube Review ✅✅: When You live in India, you have to take your internet connectivity for granted. My unlimited 4G connection costs me around 300 inr a month which gives me around 6 megabits per second down. Now one of my favorite things to do is watch youtube. Now we all know that watching youtube requires a lot of data bandwidth. And being on LTE network, I cannot risk wasting my bandwidth at any cost. So I asked my friend to recommend me a solution. And he suggested me to download OGYoutube apk to download youtube videos. I was so fascinated by the app then I decided to write a complete review of the app itself. So here goes the OGYoutube app review 2018. Let’s go guys.

OGYouube – Where To Download

OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App

OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App

Now first of all OGYoutube is not available in Play store. You have to download it from their official OGYoutube page. We also provide the link for OGYoutube apk down below, so don’t worry. So What exactly OGYoutube do? It helps you to download your favorite Youtube videos.

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OGYoutube APK Review

OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App

OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App

The app became quite popular recently in the android users. OGYoutube is basically an audio/video downloader that facilitates its users to download youtube videos. It is a great alternative to streaming videos online.

OGYoutube is easy to install

Installing Android apps from play store itself is a piece of cake. However, it is a different story when it comes to third-party apps. And OGYoutube is one among them. So there are some extra steps which you might encounter while installing the app. The only way to install OGYoutube is to manually download OGYoutube APK file and install it on your smartphone. After that, you are ready to download videos from youtube.

It is Perfect for Smartphones

Storage is a very important thing in today’s smartphone environment. This is more crucial with the smartphones which don’t come with expandable storage. But OGYoutube apk is a very lightweight app and does not require a lot of ram resources too. So it is ideal for low-end smartphones as well as top tear flagships as well. Therefore, OGYoutube is a very small app and you have to delete any pictures or documents to make space for the app.

Features of OGYoutube APK 2018

OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App

OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App

Below we talk about all the features you get along with OGYoutube apk. You can enjoy these features as long as you have the OGYoutube app on your smartphone. Let’s have look at some of the most important features of the OGYoutube app.

Video Downloading

This is one the most requested feature from OGYoutube app community. With OGYoutube apk, you can download any kind of youtube video with a single click. You will get many options while downloading the videos which includes the video quality and format. After that, the app will start downloading youtube video at full speed.

Audio Downloading

Along with the video, you can also download the audio. This option is very useful for users who like to download songs over youtube. You can download any song via downloading it as an audio file. Thankfully OGYoutube has this option.

Play Video In Any Resolution

You can play videos in resolution ranging from 140p to 1440p. So you have all the options you can explore.

Multiple Video Downloading

You can download as many files as possible. You don’t have to wait for the first video download to finish in order to start another. All the videos start simultaneously will full speed. So with OGYoutube app you have complete freedom on how many files you want to download at the same time.

Renaming the Video

After your download is completed, you can rename the files as well. This option is useful when your downloads have a name like videoplayback.mp4

Background Playing

No matter how many downloads are there, the app will continue running in the background. Thanks for its small size, it doesn’t take up many resources and CPU power. So its completely ok to run this app in the background.

So, Guys, this is the end of our OGYoutube Review. We hope that you have liked our OGYoutube review, if you did then make sure to hit 5 stars on OGYoutube Review. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day.

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OGYoutube Review: My Favourite Illegal App ✅✅
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