OGYouTube V/s TubeMate – Best YouTube Downloader for Android

OGYoutube vs tubemate: OGYoutube and tubemate are one of most lover youtube downloading apps. While each app has its own set of features and limitations, they have their huge fan base to back them up. So today we are going to discuss about OGYoutube vs Tubemate. Both of them are video downloading apps, which are capable of downloading youtube videos easily.

Watching youtube videos is the way how most of the people spend time now a days. People love to watch youtube videos in their free time. Video streaming platforms like youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo is a common place to find funny or informative content. People seem to love downloading videos more than streaming them. So today in this article, we are going to compare OGYoutube to one of the most famous youtube download app – tubemate. So let’s talk about OGYoutube vs tubemate, the ultimate battle.

OGYoutube vs Tubemate : Overview

The two apps which we are going to compare are OGYoutube and Tubemate. Both of them are really great youtube video downloading apps. the beth thing about these apps is that they are completely free to download and supports a majority of Android devices. So let us check out some of the quick features that these two app offers and see which wins this batter of OGYoutube vs Tubemate.

OGYoutube vs Tubemate : features comparison

Design & UI

Tubemate offers a pretty worn out 2010 design. However, it is quite functional at the same time. Talking about OGYoutube, it has the updated material design. So, if you are kind of person who likes good UI while operating an app, then you can choose for OGYoutube apk.

Downloading speed

Both these apps support multiple bands of download. They also support downloading multiple downloads as well. You can also pause and resume downloads.

File manager

Both these apps support file manager support. You can browse, cut, copy or delete files upon downloading. All the files go straight to the root of downloads folder on your android device.

MP3 support

Both apps support mp3 song downloading. Hower with Tubemate, you need another extension to download songs. So it is a little hectic, and sometimes the result is not so satisfactory. This is not the case with OGYoutube as it has inbuilt youtube song downloader. You can enjoy downloading songs on OGYoutube.


While Tubemate supports various online video streaming websites. Whereas OGYoutube apk only supports youtube. If you only wish to download youtube videos, then it is the best choice for you. Otherwise, you can try Tubemate.

Multiple DownloadingSupported Supported
Multiple downloadsSupportedSupported
User interfaceMaterial UIICS UI
MP3 supportSupportsSupports but needs an extension
Multiple streaming sourcesNot supportedSupported
File ManagerSupportedSupported

Quick Summary: OGYoutube vs Tubemate

The main reason why Tubemate is so popular among Android fans is because it allows users to download videos from different sources such as Twitter or Facebook directly on their smartphones. This is a great feature from Tubemate, especially when considering how much funny content is being posted on different sites like Twitter and Facebook every day.

The main reason why you might like OGYoutube is that of its material design. And the ability to directly download music from youtube. It is a great feature, as unlike Tubemate, you don’t have to install a third-party extension. Also, the user interface is very clean and visually appealing in OGYoutube.

OGYoutube vs Tubemate : Final conclusion

After downloading a large 80MB video file from youtube, OGYoutube was the app that came out on top. Tubemate downloaded the track in two minutes, but OGYoutube proved that its better by taking down the 80MB youtube video in just a minute. With that being said, OGYoutube is the app for you if you are looking to save time and to not get bored anymore.

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OGYouTube V/s TubeMate – Best YouTube Downloader for Android
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