How To Promote YouTube Channel Free of Cost ?

How To Promote YouTube Channel Free of Cost ? – Every YouTube channel owner wants enormous popularity of their videos. But they don’t know how? So the question arises – how to promote youtube channel and get more views, likes, and shares without investing in Ads or marketing?

Large Companies and Big / popular YouTube channels have a reasonable budget to promote their videos through Adwords or Internet marketing. But what about startups who just begin with a new channel and their videos and channel want some views and subscribers.

Promotion helps young YouTubers who have a low budget or no budget for advertisement. If your video is creative, entertaining and useful, so you don’t need paid promotion. Free YouTube promotion is an essential strategy, and it may take time to promote your videos, but it works for all. Let’s see how you can do that

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Promote youtube channel with social media

We all love social media, don’t we? But you can also use it to promote your youtube channel for free!

1. Facebook

It is an excellent opportunity to share your work. Let an army of friends and families share your project on walls worldwide and promote your channel for free.

2. Pinterest

You might have never used Pinterest before, but you might be surprised how many video hits come from this scrapbook-like site. Just make an account and actively upload your channel content and thumbnails their to redirect them to your channel.

3. Twitter

Create a twitter account and post it on all your websites. A Twitter account creates a way for fans to talk to you and provides an easy way to share your projects.

4. Google +

Youtubers use Google plus for sharing their content. Create a Google Plus profile and let people know that your video is finished and ready to watch.

5. MySpace

Once the darling of the social network world, it is still an excellent way to get your project noticed by the potential audience.

Some Free Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

1. Tagging Keywords

Keep in mind the tags you are using in the video. Select them very carefully and use as many as you can. Many new videos are discovered via tags, more than many realize.

2. Like your own video and encourage your viewers to do so

It may seem selfish, but more likes help video to index better in search results and come more often in related/suggestion section.

3. Banner Image and Avatar

Keep updating your channel profile picture and banner image. Viewers will always appreciate a great looking channel.

4. Post on other videos

Don’t advertise, but be active within the YouTube community.Comment, share and appreciate other people work, and they will do for you too! This will lead many people checking out your projects and eventually new subscribers.

5. Create Playlists

Playlists help your YouTube channel look organized and professional. It also directs people to older projects they may not be aware of. Also, you can mix your videos with other trending content but make sure you do not spam!

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How To Promote YouTube Channel Free of Cost ?
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