How To Write A Video Description On YouTube ?

How To Write A Video Description On YouTube ? – Whenever you put a new video out on youtube, You will be asked to upload an original video title, video description and a custom video thumbnail which is optional. Now, a lot of people miss the chance to use this opportunity to get maximum views. If you still don’t know how to write a Youtube video description which will bring you more views. Then fear no more – we have got you covered. youtube channel description copy and paste

Why should you focus on writing a better video description?

A good video description provides information on what the video is about. It helps your viewers understand what they’ll be watching, and it gives the search engines an overview of the content of the video. Video descriptions play a significant and crucial part to engage viewers and boost views on youtube. Video description plays a vital role when deciding the ranking of your video for a search query. So you need to learn how to get the maximum profit out of it.

Video thumbnails also play an essential part when it comes to getting views and subscribers. However, in this very article, we will be discussing only about the description part.

What makes a good video description?

  • Informative: Clear things up for your audience that what your channel is about. You definitely want them to get confused with your content.
  • Navigational: Add links to your fan page, your youtube channel, Playlist, etc.
  • Call to action approach: Tell them that you have an Instagram, a Facebook page, etc. let your channel grow!
  • They should contain keywords
  • They should contain a disclaimer

All right so grab a notebook and start taking notes!

First before writing a video description make sure you sum up all your keywords in a notebook and write a summary accordingly including those keywords for better SEO reach. The more keywords related to your niche, the better! best description for youtube channel

Your video description should give a glance of a detail overview of the video’s content. This will help viewers understand what they’ll be watching, but also because it plays a huge role in search engine optimization which will further help your video to reach the top in search and trending pages.

Once you’ve decided your targeted keyword or keywords (which should also appear in the title), try to include the keyword at the beginning of the description.

Video description should include links to your social media platforms so people can share and engage with you more.

A normal Syntax of a youtube video goes like this : 

See other videos: [Playlist link]

More from [channel link]

Subscribe on YouTube: [Subscribe link]

Website: [Personal website link]

Facebook: [Fan page link]

Twitter: [Twitter link]

Google+: [Google+ profile link]

Some important things to keep in mind while writing video description

  • Put the most highlighting parts of your description up front.
  • Keep your main keyword as close to the beginning of the description as possible.
  • Include more relevant keywords from your video that viewers may also search.
  • You should not mess with descriptions again and again as they will affect your ranking in youtube search and might drop video views for several weeks or maybe even months! So edit them carefully.
  • It’s against YouTube’s terms of service and condition to include misleading Titles or blocks of words in your description. This can further result in clocking or permanent termination of your YouTube account and may result in a permanent ban.

If you enjoyed this article, and want more useful information. That’s all folks we hope you will be able to write better SEO friendly video description now.  And if you think our article helped you in any way, then please consider sharing it’s just a click away !!

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How To Write A Video Description On YouTube ?
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