Free Zbigz Premium Accounts and Passwords of 2018 (Lifetime Access)

if you are looking for Free Zbigz Premium Accounts in 2018? So guys You must need to check the below article.

You wouldn’t be surprised if I say the fact that torrent is blocked in many parts of the world. However, despite of this restriction, people do find a way or another. For instance, some people use VPN and other Proxies to bypass torrent downloading sites. Furthermore, they use torrent clients such as uTorrent which works efficiently. However, there’s another efficient way to download torrent files if it is blocked in your country. And that is by using Zbigz premium accounts. You can use Zbigz premium accounts to sideload torrent files into your online storage and download it from there without any restriction.

If you’re hearing the word Zbigz for the first time, then let me introduce them to you. Zbigz is one great torrent downloading site which helps you to convert normal torrent files into directly downloadable files. And it is obvious that you need to make an account on it if you wish to download torrent directly. But before jumping to conclusions let me tell you that you can also make a free account on Zbigz. However, you will only get 2 GB of online space. If you wish to download files larger than that. Then you need to use  Zbigz premium accounts.

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So today, we are going to discuss about how you can get free Zbigz premium accounts. We will be sharing some free Zbigz premium accounts credentials details. So without any further delay, let us start.

What is Zbigz?

As I said earlier that Zbigz is cloud torrent client which downloads the torrent and saves them to your online storage drive. Furthermore, it is the fastest way to download any kind of torrent file. If I put it into simple words, then Zbigz helps you to download movies, listen to songs, watch anime, download softwares, etc. without involving torrent files. So if torrent downloading is banned or illegal in your country, then this is the safe way out.

Free Zbigz Premium Accounts and Passwords

Free Zbigz Premium Accounts and Passwords

Some of the features of the Zbigz Premium Accounts are:

  • Your torrent files will download at maximum speed. Unlike the free accounts, Zbigz premium doesn’t have any speed cap on torrent downloads. So this features comes handy if people wish to download small as well as large files quickly. And it does indeed save a lot of time!
  • If you were a free Zbigz using before then, you might know about the 2GB downloading limit. However, this isn’t the case with Zbigs premium accounts. So once you get Zbigz premium, you don’t have to worry about file size. Furthermore, you can hold more files in your online storage as well.
  • With Zbigz Premium accounts, you also have to option to resume torrent download when you wish.  This feature is quite handy when you need to download large files. Zbigz will make sure that your downloads are perfect.

These were some quick glance at features which Zbigz premium accounts can enjoy. However, there are more useful features attached. You will get to know them once you start using Zbigz premium.

Zbigz Premium Accounts and Passwords 2018 (March)
Password: substation232
Password: diecast8
Password: 17737271888
Password: 123456
Password: 517454614
Password: 008249
Password: interview0929
Password: 111961982
Password: cdefgahc
Password: qwerty7
Password: emily098
Password: wendy65@
Password: 88@melvik
Password: segg987

How to use Zbigz Premium Accounts 

So above we have provided you some free Zbigz premium accounts details. Now you need to check them whether they are working or not. And this process is very simple. Follow these steps to check whether these account credentials are working or not.

1. Open any web browser and go the official of Zbigz from here. We are using Googe chrome, but you are free to use any browser.

2. Now click on login/ Sign up button which might be on the top right corner of the screen.

3. Here you have to copy paste the login credentials of the accounts and press log in. Keep doing that until you successfully log into one account.

Thats it, Now you will be successfully logged in your Zbigz premium account. Now you can enjoy all the premium features offered by Zbigz. Please make sure that you don’t change the password after you log in with an account. This is because these accounts are shared account, and many people are using it. So don’t change the password and manipulate any ongoing downloads by other members as well. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Free Zbigz Premium Accounts and Passwords of 2018 (Lifetime Access)
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